Diving Catalina - Phone: (310) 510-8558

Diving Catalina - Phone: (310) 510-8558

(310) 510-8558

Diving Catalina

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Scuba Diving

The Underwater Dive Park is located next to the world famous Casino Building. First established in 1964, this park is the first nonprofit underwater park in the country (and maybe the world), and offers some of the best shore diving in California! Catalina has become a mecca to scuba divers and snorkelers worldwide.

Scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts who come to enjoy clear waters and abundant sea life find it free of mainland pollution and surf. The depth ranges from the rocky shore to 95 feet deep. Primarily the park consists of the fastest growing plant in the world and giant kelp (Macrocystis).

The park's bottom contour reveals rock walls, pinnacles and a sandy plane on its outer edges, which is truly representative of Catalina Island's different characteristics.

Water temperature ranges from 57-61 degrees in the winter to 70-74 degrees in summer, with August to mid September being the warmest. Because of strict local laws prohibiting taking of game or salvaging artifacts, the park has become a home for a large variety of marine life. Plant life of all colors abounds, from the giant kelp to the smallest algae. Living within the rocky reef are lobsters, abalone, octopus, small fish and moray eels, including our friendly "Fang". Numerous mollusks and nudibranches also make their homes on the reef.

Swimming freely in the kelp forest are calico bass, senorita fish, sheephead, opaleye, blacksmith and garibaldi. Where the rocky reef ends and sandy bottom scuba diving fans among others may find angel sharks, bat rays, banded guitar fish and halibut. Numerous wrecks are also found in the sandy areas, which have become home to many types of marine life. The newest addition to the dive park is the archaeological site constructed by Sealab Catalina.

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Introductory Scuba Dives

Scuba Diving Safety Tips

For those who always wanted to try but were not certified, This scuba diver adventure is for you!

Scuba Diving

An Introductory Scuba Dive is an orientation to scuba diving that allows non-divers the experience of diving in the ocean, under the direct supervision of an instructor. Enjoy the introductory scuba dive in the Avalon Underwater Park, one of few underwater parks in the world and marvel at the complex marine environment found in the kelp forests.

Your 2½ hour tour includes your guide, a knowledgeable and experienced instructor and an expert on Catalina Island marine life, scuba equipment and wet suit.

Participants must be at least 10 years of age and be medically medically cleared before being able to take the scuba divers adventure.

Please allow approximately 2½ Hours for the scuba divers adventure.

Reservations are required

The price for this tour is $129.00 for a private scuba divers session or $99.00 each for two or more participants.

The price above reflect a $39 equipment rental fee.

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