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Advantages of Diving on Catalina Island

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There are many advantages of diving on Catalina Island. Any time of year almost always yields better conditions than the mainland. This is for many reasons. First, is that Avalon and the whole leeward coastline of Catalina is protected from the prevailing winds and waves. Second, there are few sandy beaches on the leeward side, so less particulate is stirred up if waters get rough. Last, thanks to the abundant kelp forest and off-shore location of the island, the diversity of wildlife is without comparison.

An Easy Shore Dive?

Another one of Catalina Island’s advantages over the mainland coast of Southern California is the ease of shore diving. Some So Cal shore dives require a long hike down cliff trails. Others a serious trek through sandy beaches. Almost all end with a rough entry fighting the waves of the west-facing shores. Diving in the Casino Dive Park of Avalon saves you from all of these chores! There is a cement stairway for ease of access to the dive park. Again, Avalon is situated on the leeward coast, so no wave action unless there is a random swell. There is also no sand at the shore line so your gear and you come out clean and stay that way! For a review of many So Cal shore dives click here.

On Location Services

Best part of booking a dive or snorkel experience with Diving Catalina is that we meet you at the dive park and bring all the equipment. You just show up in your swim suit and we take care of the rest! Making your ocean time fun and easy is what we love about our job. Having a mobile dive equipment truck allows us to service our guests on location and that has some big advantages too. Break a fin strap, mask strap or zipper? No problem. We have you covered with a truck load full of gear that will keep your experience on schedule.

Advantages of Diving on Catalina Island

One of the best advantages of diving on Catalina Island is the that sea life diversity and numbers are far greater. The Casino Dive Park also offers a unique open water environment that has been deemed acceptable for no experience dive tours. For those who have always wanted to try scuba diving, but do not have dive certification, this adventure is for you!

Try Diving for Real

An Introductory Scuba Dive is an opportunity for those who don’t have dive certification to experience diving in the ocean. Your dive with us will take place in the Casino Point Dive Park, one of few underwater parks in the world. While most usually experience their first dive in a pool, you will marvel at the complex marine environment that surrounds you! Some key points to note include; participants must be at least 12 years of age and be medically cleared before being able to take the Introductory Scuba Dive.

What you will learn? We start with the basic safety guidelines and skills needed to dive under the direct supervision of an Open Water Scuba Instructor. You will be briefed on the scuba equipment and skills that you’ll use on every dive. Once you submerge will get to experience what it is like to breathe underwater. Then if you are comfortable we will swim around and explore the Casino Point Dive Park.

Advantages of Diving on Catalina Island

The experience of an intro dive leaves many wondering what is the next step? WE have the answer! Get SCUBA certified with our expert instructors. In order to earn your Open Water Diver license, there are several steps to complete. In total, you need to complete four certification dives, which take place in an open water environment (the Casino Dive park). These dives may only take place after you complete the academic and “pool” portion of the certification process. We are often able to use the Casino Dive Park for our “pool” training too! The certification dives take place over two days. You will be tested on the skills that were taught to you during the training portion of the class. On completing the four certification dives you are then issued your Open Water Certification Card.

There is another option, known as the Scuba Diver certification which gets you about half way through your Open Water class.

Ready to get wet? Contact us today!

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