California Scuba Diving Tours

Experience the breathtaking wonders of beautiful wildlife and scenery with California scuba diving tours by Diving Catalina. We are a completely mobile dive operation that treats Casino Point Dive Park as our official home base.

It doesn’t matter your experience level — we have the staff and resources needed to cater to all types of men, women and teens who are interested in a scuba diving courses in California CA or simply a one-time adventure.


California snorkeling tours and scuba adventures for newcomers

One thing that we stress here at Diving Catalina is that you do not have to come to us with any experience — we can still get you in the water to have some serious fun.

We offer powered snorkeling tours in California that are easy and fun and provide you with the benefit of an easy-to-use diver propulsion vehicle. If you want to dive deeper into the beautiful, clear waters of Catalina Island, we offer California scuba diving courses and adventures that are administered by trained professionals that will ensure your ultimate safety. Scuba diving and snorkeling are not hard — we’ll show you!


California scuba diving tours for experienced divers

If you’re already experienced and certified, we still have plenty of adventures for you. We offer scuba diving tours in California that are catered toward experienced divers. These tours will take you up close and personal with ship wrecks and many forms of wildlife.

You will find that the conditions are great for such adventures — comfortable water temperatures, unbeatable visibility and a plethora of wildlife. It’s no wonder we are a prime destination for scuba and snorkeling vacations in California.


Reserve your spot in our scuba diving courses in California CA

Whether you want to learn to scuba or are in the mood for an adventure, you can book your time with Diving Catalina. Experience Catalina Island in a special way with our California scuba diving tours.

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