Catalina Best Scuba Diving Adventures

Are you looking for the Catalina best scuba diving trips available? You have come to the right place. Diving Catalina caters to divers of all skill levels, presenting them with a chance to experience the crystal clear waters of one of the nation’s top diving locations.

Our Catalina scuba diving adventures will prove to be fun, exciting, educational and memorable. Whether you make a habit out of diving in locations throughout the country, or are just trying it for this one time, you will walk away with plenty of memories thanks to the dedicated team at Diving Catalina.


Offering a wide range of scuba courses

Before you can hit the water for scuba diving adventures in Catalina CA, you have to learn the basics. Luckily, our team provides a variety of courses that help you get acquainted with this hobby. You can come to us with absolutely no scuba experience and we can still work with you! Our courses include:

  • Introduction to scuba: This is where you learn all the basics needed before you partake in more extensive Catalina scuba diving adventures.
  • Open water course: This course will put you on the path to becoming certified in scuba diving, teaching you all the essential basics of the hobby.
  • Checkout dives: Successfully complete four checkout dives and you will be able to earn your certification.

Aside from our courses, we offer the Catalina best scuba diving trips for experienced divers. Our guides will take you around Casino Point Dive Park, bringing you up close with interesting marine life and even some jaw-dropping shipwrecks.

Combine our friendly, experienced staff with the amazing water and surrounding areas of Catalina Island, and you will quickly see why our team makes for the best scuba diving trips in Catalina CA.


Try our snorkeling adventures

We also offer a wide range of snorkeling adventures in Catalina CA. Snorkeling is great for the entire family, and allows you to take in the stunning sites that await underwater. We offer:

  • Powered snorkeling tours
  • Traditional snorkeling tours
  • Night snorkeling

With our Catalina snorkeling adventures, your safety and entertainment are our top priorities. We work hard to closely monitor each member of your group so that you can enjoy a fun-filled afternoon floating across the surface of the water.


Reserve your spot with Diving Catalina

You can conveniently reserve your spot in one of our scuba or snorkeling tours. Simply fill out our online form and prepare for the Catalina best scuba diving trips! We’re standing by to address any questions or concerns you might have.


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