Catalina Island Scuba Diving Tours

Are you ready to make your vacation or getaway really come alive with one of our Catalina Island scuba diving tours? The team here at Diving Catalina is ready and equipped to bring you on an underwater excursion that you will not soon forget.

When it comes to scuba adventures, our team offers a variety of options for divers of all experience levels. Some of these options include:

  • Scuba diving courses in Catalina Island: Learn the basics of scuba diving in one of the most stunning underwater environments in the United States. Our experienced, certified instructors will get you in the water and acquainted with this hobby.
  • Guided tours: If you are an experienced diver, we can bring you on one of our guided scuba diving tours in Catalina Island. Experience the great visibility and varied marine life that Casino Point Dive Park has to offer.
  • Refresher dives: Aside from our Catalina Island scuba diving courses, we allow once-active divers with the chance to refresh their skills even if it has been a while.
  • Night dives: Finally, one of the other types of Catalina Island scuba diving tours that we offer are night dives. This allows divers to see a whole new world under the water and moonlight.

In addition to our scuba diving courses in Catalina Island, we offer a variety of snorkeling adventures for men, women and teens of all skill levels.

Our Catalina Island snorkeling tours are equally as varied, from power snorkeling to traditional and night snorkeling adventures. All of our snorkeling tours in Catalina Island are overseen by experienced professionals that have your well-being as their top priority.

You can reserve your lesson or tour with Diving Catalina right now. You can either complete the reservation form on our website or give our staff a call. Experience our truly one-of-a-kind Catalina Island scuba diving tours for yourself!

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