Catalina Scuba Diving Tours

Join Diving Catalina for one of our exhilarating Catalina scuba diving tours. Our team operates within Casino Point Dive Park on Catalina Island, providing courses and tours for scuba divers of all different experience levels.

Never tried scuba diving before? You don’t have to worry — we offer scuba diving courses in Catalina that provide you with all the knowledge you need and we do it against the stunning backdrop of Casino Point Dive Park. No experience or certification is necessary.

In these Catalina scuba diving courses, we offer divers a wide range of scuba courses, including:

  • Refresher Dives
  • Guided Scuba Tours
  • Advanced Open Water Classes
  • Introduction to Scuba –No Experience Necessary!
  • And much more

Not only are you learning how to scuba dive, but you get to experience the beauty of one of the best dive parks in the entire world. We also provide scuba diving tours in Catalina for experienced, certified divers.

These veterans of the craft can’t help but notice the nearly perfect water conditions that we enjoy here at Catalina Island — they are truly one-of-a-kind Catalina scuba diving tours.


Interested in Catalina snorkeling tours?

Catalina Island is also a prime location for snorkeling vacations in Catalina. Snorkeling can put you up close and personal with the majestic wild life of Casino Point Dive Park, but requires less training.

We offer a wide variety of snorkeling tours in Catalina, including:

  • Power snorkeling tours (with a diver propulsion vehicle)
  • Traditional snorkeling tours
  • Night snorkeling tours

You can snorkel with us more than once and still enjoy a completely different experience!


Contact our staff for scuba tours and scuba diving courses in Catalina

Diving Catalina makes this fun hobby accessible to anyone that is interested. Our operation is completely mobile, so we will meet you out at Casino Point for your Catalina scuba diving tours. Reserve a date and time online or contact our team if you have any questions or concerns.

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