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Referral Dives

Get Certified with the Best!

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2 or more participants

Get your Open Water scuba diving certification here at Avalon, California!

Students that have completed their classroom and pool through another Scuba Instructor or Dive Store may complete their open water training portion here in the waters of Catalina Island. Whether you call it certification dives, checkout dives or referral dives, we at Diving Catalina are the ones who can get you open water certified. Our staff are cross-trained with many agencies and able to offer SSI, PADI and NAUI checkout dives. Diving Catalina is a great choice for completing your Open Water certification dives while on vacation.

In order to complete your Open Water Diver certification, you need to complete 4 certification dives – dives that take place in an open water environment. These dives can only take place after you have completed the academic and pool portion of the Open Water certification process. The certification dives take place over two days where you will be tested on the skills that were taught to you during the pool portion of the Class and Pool course. On completing the four certification dives you are then issued your Open Water Certification Card.

The above mentioned course reflects proven time requirements to finish the course. Occasionally, a student may require additional time to work with the instructor in order to become certified. In these cases an additional fee will apply to cover charges not covered by the initial course fee.

Please allow approximately 2 hours per dive for this class.