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Snorkeling Eco-Tour

Fun and Easy | No Experience Necessary!

Quick Details


Snorkel in Avalon waters and encounter diverse marine life!

Now your Catalina Island Snorkeling Adventure begins!

Your excursion begins at the Casino Point Dive Park where your instructor will orientate you with your equipment, describe proper snorkeling techniques and explain important safety procedures.

As you enter the water from shore, you’ll begin to notice the diversity of marine life Catalina has to offer. Our instructors will teach you about Catalina’s algae-based ecosystem and how it correlates to the fastest growing plant in the world…giant kelp. Keep in mind, this tour is not just a snorkeling tour, but also a marine Eco-tour.

One of our goals is to show you as much marine life as possible.

Your snorkeling tours instructor feeds the fish during the tour so you’re able to witness a “feeding frenzy”. Imagine snorkeling with hundreds of fish just an arm’s reach away! Some of the more common fish viewed: Garibaldi, Sheephead, Calico bass, Senorita fish, Blacksmith, Opaleye and Kelp fish.

Your tour includes: Your guide, a knowledgeable and experienced instructor and an expert on Catalina Island marine life, snorkel equipment and wet suit.