Southern California Scuba Diving Tours

Welcome to Diving Catalina, home to some of the most adventurous Southern California scuba diving tours. Our experienced, professional staff is ready to take you on a scuba or snorkeling adventure of a lifetime – no matter what your experience level might be.

We offer scuba diving courses in So Cal for those who are not particularly experienced in diving. However, for diving veterans, you can take advantage of our wide range of scuba diving tours in So Cal — including night dives.


Benefits of our Southern California snorkeling tours and scuba tours

At Diving Catalina, we have created scuba and snorkeling tours in So Cal that will prove to be:

  • Fun: At the end of the day, the whole reason to snorkel and scuba is to have fun — and there is certainly no shortage of fun with our Southern California scuba diving tours. We help you learn a new hobby and experience something truly unique.
  • Safe: Your safety is at the heart of our scuba diving courses in So Cal and the many scuba and snorkeling tours that we offer. Our courses and tours are administered by highly trained scuba professionals that will keep a watchful eye over you.
  • Educational: Not only are our Southern California scuba diving courses and tours designed to teach you the process of scuba diving, but men, women and teens of a wide variety of ages can reap the educational benefits of experiencing a range of marine wildlife which can be found at Casino Point Dive Park.

Snorkeling and scuba diving off of Catalina Island is a truly memorable experience and one that you and your family will look back on with fondness.

You can reserve a time for one of our Southern California scuba diving tours or courses by contacting our team. Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll schedule a time for you to hit the water with our team.

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