Advantages of Diving on Catalina Island

Catalina Island Diving

There are many advantages of diving on Catalina Island.   Any time of year almost always yields better conditions than the mainland.  This is for many reasons.  First, is that Avalon and the whole leeward coastline of Catalina is protected from the prevailing winds and waves.  Second, there are few sandy beaches on the leeward side,…

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Adventure on Catalina Island

Kelp Forest; Casino Point Dive Park; Catalina Island; Avalon; California

Dive Scooters End the summer with a custom adventure on Catalina Island to make your perfect stay.  A Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) or underwater scooter offers a thrilling way for scuba divers to see a lot of underwater territory in a short amount of time. They scoot you through the water allowing you to glide…

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Casino Point Dive Park

Scuba Divers; Guided Scuba Tour; Diving Catalina; Casino Point Dive Park; Catalina Island; Avalon; California

Snorkeling and diving around Catalina draws thousands of visitors every year from around the globe. They come to explore our clear clean water teeming with life and enjoy the unique kelp forest seascape.  The Casino Point Dive park is a key feature unlike any other in southern California.  A protected area of coastline that is…

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